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Posted by artfulc[email protected] on June 7, 2015 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

As a full-time crafter, I need a room in my house where I can store all of my supplies and do my craft work. But like many crafters, I don't have a room that I can dedicate solely to my crafting--my craft room must also double as a guest bedroom. So here's what I did to make this work.

I have a trundle bed for my guests which doubles as a couch for my craft room.

My old-fashioned library desk is a great writing table for my guests and it doubles as my crafting work table.

I also have a folding work table that I can put up when I am crafting and take down when guests arrive.

Since I want to be able to accommodate guests on short notice, I need to be able to put away my work quickly and orderly. To keep my supplies organized, I store everything in see-through plastic tote boxes. Each box is labeled on the side with the type of supplies it contains.

I have a large double-door storage cabinet in the room filled with my plastic totes.

I also stack totes in the shelves of the room's large closet--floor to ceiling--leaving just enough space for guest clothing.

Without the crafting clutter, my guests can feel comfortable during their stay. And when they leave I can easily find my "current project" tote box to resume my work. I love my craft room, and with just a little organization, I believe anyone can extend their guest room to double as a great craft room!