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Although this website is dedicated to gourd art, I occasionally do other types of arts and crafts. So this is where I post information about non-gourd related projects.

Framed Measuring Spoons

Do you have some decorative measuring spoons you'd like to display? All you need is a picture frame, some fabric, plywood, cup hooks, glue, ice pick, and wire cutters.


Find a picture frame you like and remove the glass and backing. Cut out a 1/8 inch thick piece of plywood to fit the back of the frame. Find a piece of fabric that will complement the project, then cut it larger than the plywood backing such that you have about 5/8 inch extra fabric all around. Cover the front of the board with the fabric, then use Tacky Glue to glue the edges of the fabric down to the back of the board--use tape to hold it secure as it dries. When the glue is completely dry, you can attach the cup hooks. Figure out exactly where you want to place the spoons and mark the spots where each will hang. Use an ice pick to bore a hole through the fabric and wood--this will make screwing the cup hooks in easier. As you finish tightening the cup hooks, you will see that about 3/8 inches of the screw is protruding from the back of the board. Use a pair of wire cutters to clip off the ends of the cup hook screws. You can then use a metal file to smooth off any rough edges. Glue the fabric covered board to the back of the frame. Let it dry completely before you hang it up. I use Command hanging strips for hanging items like this to avoid putting a nail in the wall, but you can hang yours however you like. Now you can enjoy your decorative measuring spoons!

Beaded Night Lights

These little beaded night lights are fun to make for yourself, and are also fun to teach to others. They are easy enough for just about anyone to make. Children should be closely supervised.

Here is what you need for one night light:

1 night light (with incandescent bulb, or led)

10 inches of 20 gauge gold wire

12 #4 size gold safety pins (2 1/4")

12 6mm faceted beads (to go around the base of the night light)

About 60 8mm faceted beads (to go on the safety pins and around the top of the night lite)

About 48 11mm tri beads (to go on the safety pins)

Needle nose pliers

Wire cutter

Where to get these supplies:

The best price I have found for the night lights is Walmart. You might be able to find them cheaper at a dollar store, but Walmart has always had them in stock whenever I need them.

The rest of the supplies can be purchased online from Bolek's Craft Supplys:

What to do:

As you can see in the picture above, you can use any assortment of bead colors for your night light. Just lay out your beads and make a plan before you start threading them on to the safety pins. The tri-beads are used as spacers to make sure that you fill the safety pins completely. The tri-beads add dimension to your night light, so incorporate them into your beading plan.

Once you get your saftey pins loaded with beads, cut a 4 inch length of wire to thread the bottom of the safety pins together. Alternate one 6mm bead with one safety pin until all 12 pins and and 6mm beads are threaded. Use your needle nose pliers to twist the wire secure and tight. Cut the twisted wire to about 1/2 inch with your wire cutter. The ring that you made will slip tightly over the base of the night light. Turn the ring such that the twisted wire ends are on the plug side (back) of the night light.

Now you can connect the top of the safety pins together with a 5 inch length of wire. Alternate one 8mm bead with one safety pin until all 12 pins and 12 8mm beads are threaded. Start threading at the same pin that you started threading on the base. This ensures that the wire ends will be at the back of the night light. Use the same procedure to twist and cut the wire.

Tuck the twisted wire ends to the inside such that they won't be visible.

Anything goes with this project, so get your supplies, sit down, and have fun!